Africa Geospatial Expo (AGE) is a collaborative and interactive platform that demonstrates the collective and shared vision of the global geospatial community. AGE is an annual gathering of geospatial professionals and leaders representing the entire ecosystem of public policies, national mapping agencies, private sector enterprises, multilateral and development organizations, scientific and academic institutions, and large end-users from government businesses and citizen services.

Best-known for its futuristic themes, engaging content, top-level attendees, and valuable networking opportunities, the 1st edition of the Expo will be organized in EDGE Convention Centre ECC Nairobi, Kenya from 24-25 October 2024. The world is going through a massive technological, sociological, economic, and geopolitical transition. The transition is driven by ‘all-around resilience’ – climate, financial, social, infrastructure resilience, and so on.

The geospatial community hasn’t been untouched by this shift. Geospatial transition is at the core of the global transition and provides the third dimension to ‘everything we do.’ From a technology providing actionable intelligence to an industry embedding a spatial vision across different sectors and workflows, geospatial is making tremendous strides in its value impact.

Geospatial transition is driven by its growing value in the world economy. An industry estimated to be $512 Billion and a direct socioeconomic impact of $7.5 Trillion has attracted $202 Billion in direct investments in the last three years. Mainstreaming geospatial technology across critical economic sectors, such as energy, defense, telecom, infrastructure, climate & environment, land administration, etc., has been fundamental to this transformative journey and global economy strengthening.


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